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Lifestyle / March 10, 2020

Enjoy spring break in your new hometown

If youíre taking the week off to hang with your kiddos during spring break, we hope youíll stay in town explore all those things you canít seem to get to on the weekend. From a new arts center to roller coasters, thereís plenty to keep you and your family busy. Read more about some of the new activities being offered during break.

By Marcus Elwell
Lifestyle / February 11, 2020

Revel in romance on Valentineís Day

Whether youíll be celebrating Valentineís Day with one person you love or a whole group of friends, the creative folks at Factory Obscura are hosting a Mixed Tape V-Day Bash, certain to shake up the typical dinner-out option.

By Molly Fleming
State of the City / January 18, 2018
Mick Cornett
Former mayor of Oklahoma City
I have had the good fortune to visit with mayors and chamber leadership from coast to coast. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is the best chamber of commerce anywhere.