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Lifestyle / December 3, 2019

Oklahoma has a place in Pearl Harbor history

This land-locked, Midwestern state may not seem like it would be involved in the attack that brought the United States into World War II. But the stateís name is heard when discussing the day that has lived in infamy.

By Molly Fleming
Lifestyle / October 8, 2019

A wide variety of writers hail from Oklahoma City

From a Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree to a Mexican cuisine-making chef, Oklahoma City was the starting place for a diverse, creative class. Is one of these authors a favorite of yours? Read more about their books and accolades.

By Kennedy Parker
Lifestyle / September 10, 2019

A look back at State Fair history

When it comes to partnership, the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber and the State Fair of Oklahoma go together like mac Ďní cheese, especially if that mac Ďní cheese is covered in batter and deep fried.

By Kaylee Terracina
Lifestyle / July 23, 2019

Our picks for Route 66

Did you know that there are more existing drivable miles of Route 66 in Oklahoma than in any other state?

By Nate Fisher
State of the City / January 18, 2018
Mick Cornett
Former mayor of Oklahoma City
I have had the good fortune to visit with mayors and chamber leadership from coast to coast. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is the best chamber of commerce anywhere.