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Economy / November 27, 2020

Biotech in OKC: synergies spark achievement

OKC’s bio boom began with promising science and the infrastructure to support success. Characteristic pioneer spirit and an entrepreneurial bent help explain its current leap to the forefront as a biotech player.

By Chamber Staff
Economy / October 27, 2020

Biotech in OKC: driven by discovery

The bioscience industry of discovery has discovered OMRF. Given its exciting findings and the remarkable array of resources it offers the pharmaceutical world, the institution has long since transcended its Oklahoma roots - i.e. the ‘O’ in OMRF.

By Chamber Staff
VeloCity Q&A / June 19, 2019
Tommy Yi
President & Cofounder,
I thought there was a huge opportunity here, especially with MAPS 3 starting to take shape. I saw Oklahoma City as a sandbox of opportunity. That compelled me to really make a choice to stay here and build something like this.