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Inside OKC / December 9, 2020

Pillars of the OKC arts community

Very early in our city’s life, the arts were revered and celebrated by the civic leaders of the day. Within a couple of decades, the bedrock arts organizations had been created, many of which still anchor the cultural life of Oklahoma City.

By Chamber Staff
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What is Liichokoshkomo’?

Liichokoshkomo’ (pronounced Lee-cho-kosh-ko-MO) is a Chickasaw phrase for “Let’s Play!” It is also the name of the new trailblazing outdoor education and play space dedicated to providing learning through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math).

By Staff Reports
State of the City / January 18, 2018
Mick Cornett
Former mayor of Oklahoma City
I have had the good fortune to visit with mayors and chamber leadership from coast to coast. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is the best chamber of commerce anywhere.