OKC VeloCity | Airport adds 195 parking spaces in cell phone lot

Airport adds 195 parking spaces in cell phone lot

By Chamber Staff / Development / August 19, 2020

A new cell phone parking lot waiting area has opened at Will Rogers World Airport.  The new area provides a very convenient location for drivers to wait for their arriving passengers. It is on Terminal Drive directly across from the control tower and is less than one minute from the terminal building.

Construction began in November 2019. The contractor was A-Tech Paving. Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc., designed and engineered the project.

Over the last year, the airport has seen steady growth in drivers using the cell phone waiting areas.  Officials attribute much of the growth to the fact that no parking, waiting or leaving unattended vehicles is allowed in the lanes in front of the terminal building.

These lanes are strictly for active passenger loading and unloading.  The cell phone waiting areas allow people to wait in their vehicles, until their party calls them from the baggage level curb for pickup. And the best part about them is there is no charge, all cell phone waiting areas are free!

Drivers, especially those who frequently pick up travelers, should learn how to use the cell phone waiting areas. Learning to do so can help them avoid the congested driving conditions on the lower level outside the terminal building and could help them avoid being ticketed for parking in the active loading zone there.

Drivers can also take advantage of the hourly parking garage. The first hour is always free.  This allows those meeting friends and family to come inside the terminal to greet their party and to assist with luggage.

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