OKC VeloCity | Blue Zoo provides one-of-a-kind experience at Quail Springs Mall

Blue Zoo provides one-of-a-kind experience at Quail Springs Mall

By Marcus Elwell / Development / August 12, 2020

Sharks and stingrays have invaded Quail Springs Mall, and while it sounds like the plot of a very good bad movie, it is actually fun for the whole family.

Blue Zoo is an interactive aquarium that opened in Oklahoma City last month. Boasting such aquatic life as sharks, eels, jellyfish, seahorses and an octopus, Blue Zoo has more than 200 species of marine life.

The interactive part of “interactive aquarium” is the key. A visit doesn’t just consist of learning about and watching fish swim behind glass. Visitors can also feed and touch aquatic life like stingrays, starfish and sea urchins.

Starfish are among several aquatic friends you can interact with at Blue Zoo. 

Almost as interesting as Blue Zoo’s exotic marine life is the story of how the company came about.

Years ago, Blue Zoo Founder and CEO Wesley Haws was hit in the head with an ax while doing work in Africa. The brain injury led to several surgeries and partial blindness for Haws. A simple saltwater fish tank helped motivate Haws through this extremely difficult time and he became interested in the science and chemistry of fish tanks. Haws even started a business taking care of aquariums. Haws then created Blue Zoo to share his passion for aquariums and aquatic life with everyone. 

Blue Zoo Founder and CEO Wesley Haws.

“If that little saltwater fish tank could change my life so drastically, I could only imagine what a whole aquarium can do for children,” said Haws. “Since I was inspired to learn about the science and chemistry of a fish tank, I want to educate and inspire children through Blue Zoo.”

Blue Zoo took over eight spaces and two floors in Quail Springs Mall.

“Blue Zoo is a great addition to Quail Springs Mall,” said Tammy Fate, sr. manager of retail development and recruitment for the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber. “Having a new-to-market, unique, interactive and experiential tenant increases traffic flow and diversifies the shopping experience at Quail Springs.”

Oklahoma City represents the first expansion for Blue Zoo after its original location in Spokane, Washington.

“We specifically looked for landlocked areas so we can bring the 'ocean' to its residents,” said Haws. “We also believe that a city like Oklahoma City was way overdue for something like this.”

Haws said a mall is a great location, especially in Oklahoma City, because it provides an easy environment for families to enjoy an aquarium all year long.

Although aquatic life is the centerpiece of Blue Zoo, you will find much more to help keep the family entertained for hours. The upstairs features a massive play area, a hands-on reptile room and an exotic bird exhibit. 

Blue Zoo has also launched several recurring events including a dive experience, pirate show, mermaid meet and greet, reptile show and more.

The space at Quail Springs also allows Blue Zoo to be flexible and easily add new exhibits. A virtual reality exhibit and bubble play tables will be added soon and new animals will be added throughout the year.

Blue Zoo has a dedicated space for birthday parties and accommodates field trips. Daily rates are available but families can also purchase a variety of annual passes.


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