OKC VeloCity | Brilliant: Soaring science from a rising bio campus

Brilliant: Soaring science from a rising bio campus

By Chamber Staff / Economy / March 1, 2018

One thing that consistently surprises newcomers to our great city is the width and depth of Oklahoma City’s bioscience sector. When most people think of biosciences they think of the coasts. However, for decades, cutting-edge research that has helped save countless lives has happened in the heart of downtown OKC. In fact, the industry employs more than 51,000 in our region.

In an attempt to better explain the history and look towards the future of the industry, bio tech in Oklahoma City has a new story feature at www.greateroklahomacity.com/biostory. The story focuses on Oklahoma City’s rising biotech industry. With a format intended to be easily shared with clients, coworkers and friends, the storytelling section of the Chamber’s economic development website combats the disconnect between Oklahoma City’s impressive growth and outdated perceptions about Oklahoma City’s culture. “Brilliant: Soaring Science from a Rising Bio Campus” demonstrates how Oklahoma City’s pioneering spirit shows up in the futuristic achievements of the region’s biotech industry. From its foundations until today, the feature walks the reader through how synergy, discovery and sharing Oklahoma City’s bioscience industry with the world has made the region a frontier for achievement.

Each chapter of the story offers the chance to engage with more contextual content, with links to interviews with some of Oklahoma City’s brightest researchers, virtual tours of research space and more. The story is also easy to share with friends, co-workers and contacts outside of the Oklahoma City area.

Read the feature at www.greateroklahomacity.com/biostory.

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