OKC VeloCity | Metro Tech launches Crisis Management Series to help local biz thrive during pandemic

Metro Tech launches Crisis Management Series to help local biz thrive during pandemic

By Marcus Elwell / Economy / July 31, 2020

In an effort to help employee training programs evolve, Metro Technology Centers’ Downtown Campus recently launched its Crisis Management Series. The online series is free and features live instructors giving short, interactive classes on topics relevant to the pandemic and remote working.

Metro Technology Centers started the program after hearing from its partners in the business community.

“The feedback we were getting from our clients was that there were so many challenges in the workplace because changes were occurring rapidly,” said Karla Graham, director of economic & workforce development (EWD) for Metro Technology Centers. “We started a program that focuses on topics relevant to this difficult time and the current reality businesses are going through.”

The goal of the series is not only to help businesses survive the current economic conditions but to thrive in them. Metro Tech Superintendent/CEO Aaron Collins praised the efforts of the team.

“This training reaches a primary market we serve in Oklahoma City; this is a way that we can support local businesses that are facing unprecedented change. Companies both large and small are relying on the expertise of our Economic and Workforce Development team,” said Collins.

Elaborating on the ideal relationship between CareerTech and business, Collins remarked, “Oklahoma companies support Metro Tech’s tax base, and in return they engage with us for just-in-time, high-quality lifelong learning for their employees. It is our mission that the training relationship we create is so powerful that these same businesses hire our students coming out of our CareerTech.”

In developing the program, Graham said “We focused a lot on topics that could be done live and in an hour for business leaders and their employees that would help re-frame their mindset and give them some tools and techniques that can help them manage and lead through a crisis.”

The focus of the series ranges from well-being topics like staying positive and building resilience to more practical issues like how to lead an online meeting and improving communication in the virtual work environment. Metro Technology Centers can also customize the courses for businesses that have specific needs to address.  

Graham said Metro Technology Centers has received great feedback on the classes and is launching more online professional development opportunities, such as Metro B-Brief, a monthly review of books for business leaders. During the series, a nationally renowned reviewer of business books discusses a new best seller on the fourth Friday of every month. This program is aimed at business leaders in the community.

Metro Tech will also be going live with more on-demand training so employers have access to the resources convenient to their schedule.

“The face of training is changing rapidly and our goal is to meet businesses and employees right where they are,” said Graham.

For more information, visit https://dbc.metrotech.edu/online-learning/.


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