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OCCHD Phase 2 guidelines for businesses

By Chamber Staff / Economy / May 15, 2020

Businesses should be aware of the guidelines provided by the Oklahoma City-County Health Department when considering re-opening as our community enters "Phase 2" of the White House's Guidelines for Opening Up America Again plan as of May 15. All phases of the White House plan advocate policies informed by industry best practices around social distancing and protective equipment, temperature checks, sanitation, use and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas, and business travel. Employers should also monitor workforce for indicative symptoms, and not allow symptomatic people to physically return to work until cleared by a medical provider, as well as develop and implement policies and procedures for workforce contact tracing following a positive COVID test by an employee.

OCCHD Guidelines: For Phase 2, businesses should:

  • Take reasonable precautions
  • Provide accommodations to high-risk employees:
    • Minimize face-to-face contact
    • Assign tasks that allow them to maintain a 6-foot distance from other employees or customers
    • Implement flexible work hours or staggered shifts
    • Allow high-risk individuals to work remotely 
  • Encourage remote work if possible
  • Workplaces should comply with distancing and hygiene guidelines
  • Limit unnecessary travel
  • Limit group gatherings to 50 or less

See these guidelines in graphic form and those for the other two phases here.

In addition, additional guidance / rules have just been issued by Mayoral proclamation for certain types of businesses intended to limit the spread of the coronavirus, including bars / restaurants / foodservice, personal care, gyms and athletic facilities, entertainment and places of worshipsee more details on those here, but here are some items for restaurants / bars / foodservice as an example:

  • Employees’ temperatures should be checked each day either by the employee or their employer. Employees with a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher should not be at the facility.
  • Servers and staff interacting with customers must wear a face mask or covering, unless the staff member is behind a barrier such as Plexiglass.
  • Tables for seating must be at least 6 feet apart.
  • Menus must be single-use or capable of being sanitized with antimicrobial disinfectants after each use.
  • Condiment bottles must be sanitized after each table change, or served in a single-use packet, disposable container or washable dish.
  • Service at buffets and salad bars must be provided by an employee only.
  • Tables, chairs and objects needed to complete a purchase must be sanitized with antimicrobial disinfectants after each use.
  • Standing room-only patios are limited to 50% of total patio occupancy capacity.

See more details for other types of businesses on okc.gov.

White House and State of Oklahoma guidelines for Phase 2 require it to last at least two weeks.

According to the OCCHD's website, "Mayor Holt intends to continue listening to criteria defined by the White House as he gauges Oklahoma City’s readiness for a new phase, will continue to listen to local public health officials, and will stay in touch with the Governor and state public health officials.

To see the State of Oklahoma’s plans for this new phase, known as the OURS Plan, visit okcommerce.gov/covid19."

The above website also has links to official guidance documents for a variety of business types.


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