OKC VeloCity | OKC Utilities to local businesses: flush first before you re-open

OKC Utilities to local businesses: flush first before you re-open

By Staff Reports / Economy / April 29, 2020

The Oklahoma City Utilities Department is advising businesses whose facilities have remained closed during the City’s “shelter in place” order to flush all building water lines before re-opening. Flushing helps to rid the lines of any stagnant water that may be contained within the building plumbing.

The Utilities Department suggests that businesses put together a comprehensive flushing plan as part of their re-opening schedule. This may include flushing out the hot water lines at each tap for several minutes and then flushing out the cold water lines, as well. In some instances, businesses may need to have their water heaters drained, then flush the lines once the heating tank has been allowed to re-fill.

Restaurants, in particular, need to flush all of their kitchen lines, including lines to their sink, dishwasher, ice makers and other similar appliances that may have a water filter. In some instances, they may also need to empty and refill ice makers and similar appliances that pull water directly from the system.

Guidelines for each type of establishment, including the length of time lines need to be flushed, can vary, so it’s best to contact a professional plumber for assistance with any questions.

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