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Oklahoma City economy adds jobs, companies

By Chamber Staff / Economy / July 6, 2018

Oklahoma City’s economy is off to a strong start in 2018, with hundreds of jobs being added to the region by new and existing companies.  With a recent announcement by Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc., Oklahoma City will once again be home to an aerospace production facility. Kratos, a leading national security solutions provider, announced in January that it will open administrative/engineering offices and production facilities in Oklahoma City for its unmanned systems division. Kratos specializes in military target drones with fighter-like performance. The company expects to employ more than 350 workers in Oklahoma within the next few years, and Oklahoma City will be the site for new tactical drone production. Joining Kratos on the list of companies making significant investments is WeGoLook, an Oklahoma City startup that is growing exponentially.

In 2018, Oklahoma City metro job growth is expected to grow by 1.4 percent, or 9,100 jobs.

WeGoLook was founded in 2009 to help consumers increase their confidence in online transactions, and it has grown to be the world’s first gig economy, or freelance employee, platform for business customers. The company was acquired by Crawford & Co., a global independent claims management firm, in 2017, and announced in March that they will add more than 300 jobs in Oklahoma City by 2023. Currently, WeGoLook has more than 140 employees and 40,000 independent contractors around the globe. Adding to the positive development in Oklahoma City is CACI International Inc., a company that provides cyber-security and information services to intelligence, defense and federal civilian customers. CACI will centralize some of its business operations in Oklahoma City by opening a shared services center. The center is expected to employ 550 people when fully staffed.

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