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Support local from home

By Molly Fleming / Economy / April 6, 2020

While dozens of Oklahoma City’s companies were forced to close their doors, many local retailers, restaurants and other businesses are in need of your support as they keep people working.

Many retailers are offering curbside pickup, so you can stay home, browse their website, go pick up your item and never have to encounter another human. For example, Black Scintilla women’s boutiqueGreen Bambino baby goods storeShop Good and Plenty Mercantile are ready to bring your goods to your car. Plenty is stocked up on crazy puzzles, including some without corners. Our colleagues at the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau have a full list of retailers offering curbside or delivery.  

If all this time at home has you wanting to exercise more, or you need better shoes for all those walks with your four-legged coworker, Red Coyote will deliver shoes and other goods to you as well.

There are a few one-stop-shop ways to support your local eateries. Homeland has opened its stores' deli cases to meals prepared by your favorite restaurants. Depending on where you live, you can find food from Rococo, Ingrid’s Kitchen, Aurora, Social Deck & Dining and Dominion House from Guthrie.

You can also support several companies by purchasing a City Box. Depending on what box you buy, you can find goods from a variety of local businesses, including our friends at Shop Good, Plenty Mercantile and Stitch Café. Other items you can get in the box include Stonecloud Brewing Co. beer, a tumbler from Simple Modern and even some bath soak from Local Lather. With one purchase, you can help multiple businesses and multiple families, all while social distancing.

If you’d like to help the emergency responders on the frontlines of the pandemic, our friends at the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma through their Cookies for Courage program will send you a box of their famous cookies to healthcare workers. For $5, you can help the Girl Scouts and make the day of someone saving others’ lives.

And if you’ve already done all of that, then order food from a local restaurant or pick-up beer from a brewery offering curbside pick-up, like our friends at Anthem Brewing. The restaurants can sell packaged beer and wine with your meal, so get some craft beer to go along with that meal. We have a full list of Chamber members offering curbside service.

While supporting local is great, remember the best thing you can do right now is stay home. You can see OKC virtually, with many attractions offering online events, such as our friends at the OKC Zoo. If you haven’t discovered Tim, the security guard at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, check out their social media to get some good, clean entertainment. And get in on that pre-order for one of Tim’s shirts.


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