OKC VeloCity | Take a deep dive into OKCís visual arts community

Take a deep dive into OKCís visual arts community

By Marcus Elwell / Economy / June 26, 2020

One thing that always surprises newcomers, visitors and sometimes even long-time locals about Oklahoma City is the depth, passion and diversity of the metro’s visual arts community. Visual Arts in OKC, the newest featured story at GreaterOklahomaCity.com, walks readers through the artists, galleries, museums and more that make up Oklahoma City’s bold and fearless visual arts scene.

The online storytelling module is separated into four chapters that show off the indispensable people and organizations that serve as the backbone to Oklahoma City’s thriving arts community.

Pillars, the first chapter of the story, takes a look at the art museums and organizations that have served as the bedrock of Oklahoma City’s arts community stretching back decades. These entities have adapted and evolved over the years but they’ve all kept one simple principle: arts in Oklahoma City should be celebrated and accessible to all.

In chapter two Giants, readers will learn about some of the current Oklahoma City artists who are making national headlines with their work. Artists Denise Doung, Toby McGee and DG Smalling talk about how they developed as artists and what art has meant in their lives. 

Denise Doung paints a mural in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City is a community where our local districts are thriving and giving everyone an authentic look at what our metro is all about. It is not a coincidence that almost every district has at least one art gallery lining its streets. The third chapter, Galleries & Public Art, talks about these galleries and also informs readers of the emphasis and investment dedicated to public art in Oklahoma City during the last several years.

Last (but certainly not least), chapter four Avant-Garde introduces readers to art installations like Factory Obscura that are pushing the boundaries of OKC’s arts community through immersive experiences. 

Check out “Arts in OKC” and be sure to share it with your friends and family to show them a side of our community they might not have known existed. You can read the story at www.greateroklahomacity.com/stories/art.

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