OKC VeloCity | Arabian Youth Nationals in OKC; third annual T.A.I.L. program for kids and families

Arabian Youth Nationals in OKC; third annual T.A.I.L. program for kids and families

By Kennedy Parker / Events / July 19, 2018

What are horses if not one of the most important animals in the history of mankind?

Think about it: Transportation would’ve been a lot slower, much more arduous, and certainly not as stylish. Communications would be decimated—Paul Revere’s midnight ride, for instance, would’ve gone much differently if it were Paul Revere’s midnight run. He’d be so out of breath he wouldn’t be able yell, much less make it to Lexington. But lucky for us, he was both a man of taste and a man of practicality—he rode a horse! Who knows how far ahead having the noble and mighty horse has set human history?

Keeping that in mind, is it any surprise why so many people love these mighty steeds?

And for those of you who love these magnificent creatures as much as we do, have we got good news for you: The Youth National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Horse show is returning to Oklahoma City for its third annual show after a 15-year absence from July 21-27 at State Fair Park.

For those interested in learning more about Arabian horses outside of the show, the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) will also be conducting their Total Arabian Interaction and Learning (T.A.I.L.) program at the State Fair Park as well. T.A.I.L. is a program where newcomers of any age can learn more about Arabian horses in a way they never could at home!

T.A.I.L. will have attendees learn about the horses from educated volunteers. Attendees will also be able to watch the show, take a look behind-the-scenes at a barn, meet some of the horses, and take home some bonus informational pamphlets and coloring sheets!

T.A.I.L. tours will be available July 21 at 10 A.M. and 1 P.M., July 22 at 1 P.M., July 25 at 1 P.M., July 26 at 1 P.M., and July 27 at 1 P.M.

Learn more about the 2018 Youth National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship and T.A.I.L. tour info at https://www.arabianhorses.org/competition/national-events/youth-nationals/.

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