OKC VeloCity | Donít miss Februaryís Member Orientation

Donít miss Februaryís Member Orientation

By Chamber Staff / Events / February 5, 2019

Your Chamber membership can be a vital tool in helping both you and your beloved city progress—but how, exactly, does it do that? What does your new Chamber membership entail? And in what ways, exactly, is the Chamber getting engaged in OKC’s growth? You can get the answers to all these questions and more (while networking with other Chamber members!) at February’s Member Orientation.

Although attending Member Orientation is encouraged, it is not required. Additionally, if you can’t make it to the current meeting, you can attend a later one instead, if you’d like. Member Orientations occur on a monthly basis (you can check the event calendar on the Chamber website for exact dates).

There is no cost to attend. Register online or contact Reagan Perry at rperry@okcchamber.com or 297-8961 with questions.

If you are a member, click here to Log-in and register.

If you are not a member, click here to register.


Date: 02/12/2019

Time: 8:30 to 10 a.m.

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
123 Park Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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