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A Love Letter to OKC

By Kennedy Parker / Inside OKC / February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day, OKC! Although many of us will be spending the day with our significant others, odds are everyone reading this will be spending the day with Oklahoma City and some of its best restaurants, museums, movie theaters and more. Hopefully you tell your significant other how much you love them on a regular basis, but I’d like this piece to be a moment where we tell our beloved city, OKC, how much we love it, as well. And truly, the best way to illustrate OKC’s love of their city is to, well, ask OKC! So I did some asking around the Chamber. Here’s why we, the people of OKC, love OKC so much:

 “The delightful food, friendly people and pride in how much the city has changed and will change is what I love most. The mushroom soup from Paseo Grill is life changing. The garlic oil and bread from Stella’s will make you weep, it’s so good. The burrata from Hall’s Pizza Kitchen absolutely melts in your mouth. The security guard at BancFirst makes you feel like you grew up together, he’s so personable. You’d swear you were cousins with the crew at CityBites in Leadership Square, they’re so friendly. The candied bacon at Jones Assembly is the best thing ever. The view from the Bank of Oklahoma tower is breathtaking. The detail that went into honoring the victims of the Murrah building bombing is profound, telling each of their story in such a personal way. The pride with which city leaders speak of the success of the MAPS campaigns shows you just how personal each project is to them and you can tell they are excited to have all these things in their own community. OKC got a taste of how a community can thrive from remarkable change and it will not settle for less, and that shows by the way citizens vote. They really have a progressive mindset for future success.” – Traci Hayes

“I love that OKC is spread out into great little pockets of adventures within each community. Most folks don’t like ‘how far’ everything is but I love that there's plenty of room to breathe.” – Suzette Ellison

“I love the people of OKC. There’s a real commitment and energy from the locals in our community and we’re not the only ones to notice. We’re what make this place “the big friendly” and it shows.” – Tabbi Burwell

“The energy that resides in OKC is palpable! What a difference from when I left after graduating from OU.” – David McCollum

“Friends, Family and FOOD! I love the up and coming food scene and being able to enjoy it with my friends and family in OKC. There’s always a new restaurant or bar to check out on the weekends. The diversity of choices are top notch!” – Dalena West

“I love living in a place where you can make a difference if you are willing and ready to get engaged and do the work, and that when you decide to “pull on the rope” there are always others ready and willing to pull with you.” – Cynthia Reid

“I love the food in OKC. With the quality and diversity of our restaurants you don’t get bored eating in OKC.” – Sommer Terry

“Oklahoma City is the kind of place where anything is possible. I think that because Oklahoma City reinvented itself, people here also they believe that they can succeed and accomplish big things. That kind of momentum is contagious.” – Kaylee Terracina


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