OKC VeloCity | A new and improved BetterLifeOKC launches

A new and improved BetterLifeOKC launches

By Marcus Elwell / Inside OKC / July 15, 2019

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber’s relocation and talent-attraction website, www.abetterlifeokc.com, has been relaunched with a new look and enhanced features aimed specifically at talent attraction.

“The BetterLife website has been a great asset to us as a relocation website; but in talking with our companies, we realized we needed to showcase more amenities in the way of talent attraction,” Cynthia Reid, senior vice president of marketing and communications for the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber said. “Besides a fresh and modern look, we are excited to offer new tools that should help our local companies recruit the talented workforce they need to keep our community’s momentum moving forward.”

According to Reid, Oklahoma City has big potential when it comes to people looking to relocate to a new city.

“Our research has shown that what people are looking for in a new place to live line up perfectly with our strengths as a community,” Reid said. “Job opportunities, low cost of living, an affordable housing market and low commute times are things that are becoming harder and harder to find in a major metro. We have a real opportunity in workforce recruitment.”

In that spirit, the website is built on what makes Oklahoma City the ideal place for people looking for new opportunities: jobs, affordability, housing and quality of life.

One of the new features of the website are aggregated job boards searchable by Oklahoma City’s key industry sectors.

“We want to show someone the critical mass of jobs in each of our industries,” said Reid. “It is important that people outside our market understand the employment opportunities in Oklahoma City aren’t confined to just a company or two in each sector.”

The new employment section also features spotlights on the high-growth companies in Oklahoma City, as well as resident spotlights so potential residents can hear first-hand from people what it’s like to live in Oklahoma City.

In the living section, potential residents can find out about the practical side of living in Oklahoma City, including information on education, government, health and an even-better cost of living calculator.

“Enhancing our cost of living calculator was a big priority for us,” said Reid. “We really want to show people what a lower cost of living means for their pocket books and for their lifestyle. Oklahoma City is quickly becoming one of the few major metros where you can still afford to comfortably live.”

The housing section highlights the metro’s diverse residential options. Oklahoma City’s low commute times and affordable housing market is a big advantage for our community.

“Oklahoma City is a community where you can work and live basically anywhere in the metro and not have a stressful commute time,” said Reid. “It was important to us to show what it feels like to live in our different neighborhoods and communities and that we have multiple high quality options.”

Another new feature is the employer’s portal that allows HR and workforce recruitment professionals to create a login so they can have all the Chamber’s recruitment and relocation tools at their fingertips. 

The website also features resources for people who have relocated and lots of information on what to do in Oklahoma City.

“We really want to encourage people to share the website with their friends and family outside of Oklahoma City,” said Reid. “Our city has really worked hard to create in Oklahoma City a place we are proud to promote to others -  and this site, along with www.velocityokc.com, provide the opportunity to do just that. We encourage you to visit these sites and use their sharing tools to spread this information to potential employees, colleagues, family and friends. Telling the Oklahoma City story is even easier with these tools.”

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