OKC VeloCity | A new school year, a fresh start

A new school year, a fresh start

By Roy Williams / Inside OKC / August 24, 2018

As we move into the month of August, it’s impossible not to consider a topic that is of the highest importance to the future of our region: education. While our schools have faced many challenges in the past few years, the 2018-19 school year has the potential to be a fresh start.

Last month, we welcomed the new leadership of Dr. Sean McDaniel, an educator who brings years of experience as a superintendent to his new role at the Oklahoma City Public School District. You can learn more about Dr. McDaniel by reading his recent Q&A, but I want to highlight one of his responses in particular. When asked what he wished others knew about the district, Dr. McDaniel responded, “We need to talk about the goodness of OKCPS more often.”

While Oklahoma City Public Schools does face challenges, there are many reasons for hope. The district is filled with talented and capable teachers and staff who stand ready to serve the district’s students. And Oklahoma City’s signature brand of working together to improve the community is already active in the district. The Oklahoma City Schools Compact and its continued efforts to improve the literacy and mental health of Oklahoma City’s students is a perfect example of that.

As we begin a fresh school year, I want to encourage you to engage in the work to improve Oklahoma City Public Schools. Whether it’s by donating time, money or by simply sharing the positive stories that come out of our schools every day, we all share a responsibility for making this district–and by extension, our community–a better place to live and work.


Roy H. Williams, CCE
Chamber CEO & President

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