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MAPS project identification process works for OKC

By Roy Williams / Inside OKC / August 5, 2019

And so it begins.

The process for identifying which projects will make the cut for the next MAPS initiative, expected to be decided by Oklahoma City voters this December, is well underway.

This innovative program has helped drive OKC’s modern renaissance. How can we be sure that what will be on the ballot will be in the city’s best interest?

Trust the process.

Since the beginning, our non-partisan Mayor and City Council have been the sponge that takes in all the myriad ideas for moving our city forward. This system has been in place since the ground-breaking MAPS proposals back in the early ‘90s. That original MAPS brought us Bricktown Ballpark, the canal, a convention center, the arena, Civic Center Music Hall improvements, State Fair Park upgrades, the Ron Norick downtown library, and the Oklahoma River.

That process involves City Council hearing the pros and cons for each project being proposed, careful consideration and prioritization of those projects and, finally, a vote on the package of projects by the citizens of Oklahoma City. Each time, the Council and Mayor have heard from constituents citywide about what will make the biggest difference for our economy and our residents.

Because the process has worked, cities across the country are following our lead and adopting MAPS-style funding for improvements.

Trusting the MAPS process has proven to be a great benefit to all of us in OKC. There is great value to our shared commitment to creating America’s greatest city with open dialogue and debate. I am excited about the projects under discussion and am looking forward to our city’s next chapter.


Roy H. Williams, CCE
Chamber CEO & President


 This article originally appeared in the August 2019 issue of The POINT!

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