OKC VeloCity | McDaniel updates P2G progress at Feb. Chamber Forum

McDaniel updates P2G progress at Feb. Chamber Forum

By Justin Tinder / Inside OKC / March 31, 2020

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber’s February Forum shared news of the bold turnaround Oklahoma City Public Schools are implementing with an innovative program designed to bolster the educational experience for its 50,000 students.

The Forum allowed Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel an opportunity to share the progress of the Pathway to Greatness (P2G) plan with many of the community’s business leaders.

”The diligence and the courage that our OKC school board utilized to take advantage of this opportunity was really tremendous,” McDaniel said. “It was really something that the districts and school boards previously struggled to do. They took a brave step to improve our children’s education.”

McDaniel explained the P2G plan was aimed to save the district financially while improving the method of instruction and learning as students gain more and more resources to help them during their education journey. The plan aimed to save the district money by combining schools with lower enrollment numbers.

Officials also say that class sizes are lower across the board with at least three teachers per grade instead of just one as many schools used previously. In addition, full-time music/art teachers, full-time library media specialists, STEM labs, and counselors are now place at each of the district’s 33 elementary schools when all areas previously lagged comparable districts.

While the consolidation resulted in the closings of a handful of school buildings, McDaniel said they have re-purposed many of the vacant buildings into vibrant community centers that provide services to residents, not just school students.

McDaniel cautioned the crowd that today’s event was not to be viewed as a victory lap, but a celebration of the positives that the P2G program has brought about in such a short time.

“This is not a flip-of-the-switch campaign,” McDaniel said. “This is a progressive plan that has not only enormous potential, but also enormous work ahead of us. We remain committed that the P2G is a workable plan will positively impact students, teachers and families for many years to come.”

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