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OK County official: Keeping justice reform moving forward

By NewsOK / Inside OKC / December 8, 2017

A 19-member Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Advisory Council is now in place. Its job is to advise member entities regarding the criminal justice system in the county.

Composed of members from Oklahoma City, Edmond, Midwest City and Oklahoma County, the burden of criminal justice reform now shifts from the expert advice and guidance of the Vera Institute of Justice to the advice of local appointees of the council.

Oklahoma County's criminal justice system is overburdened. To make the system more efficient and effective requires teamwork. The advisory council is there to make sure teamwork happens between law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system.

Thanks to the tremendous input and leadership of Clay Bennett and other prominent civic leaders of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, city leaders from across the county and county officials, the council ensures continued teamwork, while saving taxpayer dollars by reducing the number of inmates at the jail and keeping true criminals locked up.

We've seen a dramatic reduction in the jail population in recent months. Two years ago, the average jail census was around 2,700. Today it has dropped into the 1,800s. We expect it to go lower. By working together, we've learned to be more efficient.

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