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OKC citizens say yes to MAPS 4

By Staff Reports / Inside OKC / December 10, 2019

The people of Oklahoma City went to the polls on Tuesday and approved the latest MAPS proposal by a 72% to 28% vote.

“I want to thank the voters for ensuring the continuation of our MAPS story and our city’s renaissance, and I want to thank everyone at the campaign for putting in so much work to achieve this positive result,” Mayor David Holt said. “Rarely have we been more united as ‘one OKC’ than we were in this campaign.  This diverse, transformational package is what it looks like when a community works together to find common purpose.  The voters did an amazing thing for our city in this election, but they also set an example to the nation and to our children.   I am so proud of our people.”

“The citizens voted to continue the legacy created by the first MAPS program,” Love Your OKC Coalition Co-Chair Percy Kirk said. “Our economy will be strengthened, our quality of life will improve, jobs will be created and Oklahoma City will continue to be an example across the nation of what it means to invest in a city and community.”

Added Kirk, “The coalition that supported this and the volunteer involvement demonstrated just how much our citizens believe in the power of MAPS.”

The temporary tax is projected to raise $978 million over eight years. The sales tax takes effect April 1, 2020 when the Better Streets, Safer City temporary sales tax expires.

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Total Votes: 131 Avg Vote: 1