OKC VeloCity | OKC is unmatched in its love of live music

OKC is unmatched in its love of live music

By Chamber Staff / Inside OKC / August 3, 2018

Live music; there’s nothing like it! The sounds, the energy, the camaraderie, and perhaps most of all, the great memories to be made. After all, who doesn’t like live music? In fact, OKC takes it a step further—OKC doesn’t just like live music, OKC loves live music. We now know this with absolute certainty thanks to a study conducted by SeatGeek and Priceconomics that found OKC to be the #1 US city that loves live music the most.

The title was awarded based on the volume of people in each of the 50 surveyed cities that were tracking artists and concert tickets (“tracks per user”).  With an average of 20.8 tracks per user, OKC topped the list. We can’t say we’re too surprised though—after all, with all the gorgeous concert venues OKC has to offer, anyone would fall in love with OKC’s live music scene.

To keep up with the booming live music scene in OKC, check The Better Life OKC blog regularly—upcoming concerts coming to OKC are posted about regularly.

You can read the full list on Priceconomics.

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