OKC VeloCity | OKCís housing market ranks as the third most affordable

OKCís housing market ranks as the third most affordable

By Chamber Staff / Inside OKC / February 25, 2019

One of the things we’re the most proud of here in Oklahoma City is how affordable it is to live here. Play around with the cost of living calculator on A Better Life if you don’t believe us. There’s never a shortage of lists and studies being published about how affordable OKC is, and today yet another fantastic study joins that list. In this year’s International Housing Affordability Survey by Demographia, OKC’s housing market ranked as the third most affordable in 309 cities across eight countries (in four continents!).

The survey was made by finding the median multiple (“median house price divided by median annual gross pre-tax household income”) of each city. The lower the score, the more affordable a city is (with anything above a five being “severely unaffordable”). With a median multiple of 2.7, there’s only a razor thin margin of 0.1 point between OKC and the top spot of the list (a tie between Pittsburgh, PA and Rochester, NY).

You can read the full study on Demographia.

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