OKC VeloCity | Oklahoma City enjoys the nation's lowest electricity costs

Oklahoma City enjoys the nation's lowest electricity costs

By Chamber Staff / Inside OKC / July 8, 2019

Oklahoma City: home of some of the best restaurants you’ll ever try, MAPS, and as of recently, the lowest average retail price of electricity thanks to OG&E. To be more specific, in 2018, OG&E provided power at an average rate at 7.31 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). To help put that into perspective, the national average is 10.8 cents per kWh, and the Public Service Co. of Oklahoma in Tulsa charges 7,76 cents per kWh. Furthermore, according to The Journal Record, “The report considered residential, commercial and industrial customers in its analysis, and OGE Energy had the lowest prices for each category. The utility’s largest sales volume, 40%, was commercial customers, with residential customers making up 35% and industrial customers making up 25%.”

You can learn more about this on The Journal Record.

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