OKC VeloCity | Oklahoma City has a history of rising to challenges

Oklahoma City has a history of rising to challenges

By Roy Williams / Inside OKC / June 10, 2020

Oklahoma City has a history of rising to overcome challenges The COVID-19 pandemic has created a paradox for us all. People are anxious to get back to work and resume what they were doing. However, there is still hesitancy by some who are unsure about entering buildings not knowing the safeguard measures that may or may not be in place. In my conversations with business leaders and their employees, I have learned that the desire to get back is stronger than the desire to not.

The Chamber is no different.

We have 65 employees who are in the process of returning to the office. We’ve talked to, and surveyed, our employees to learn their personal situations, family responsibilities, medical concerns and what makes them feel safe. We’ve constructed our offices to make it compliant with the social distancing and sanitization mandates. Like other businesses, it won’t be a flip of the switch. We are taking measured steps and returning in a slow and gradual fashion.

We are creating virtual meetings for businesses large and small to come together and discuss re-opening plans. We are finding that no business is totally unique to itself. Together we can work on common guidelines, best-practice measures, where to find PPE and gain some common ground that helps all our approaches.

When I think about Oklahoma City, I remember our history as a land run city. It takes a certain type of person to take advantage of the opportunities, and the qualities that our forerunners had in our ethos. When you look at the major setbacks in the history of Oklahoma City – economic trouble, natural disasters or a terrorist act - we have always ended up as a stronger and more tight-knit community afterward.

I remain optimistic. People here are very creative and innovative. Oklahomans have always been able to roll with the punches. People are going to adapt and overcome, and we will eventually be better off than before just as we have done throughout our history.

This story originally appeared in the June 2020 edition of The Point.


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