OKC VeloCity | Reasons to vote "YES" Dec. 10

Reasons to vote "YES" Dec. 10

By Roy Williams / Inside OKC / November 14, 2019

Oklahoma City’s willingness to invest in itself has been a hallmark of previous MAPS initiatives. That commitment by our citizens has drawn outside attention to OKC, making the MAPS programs a showcase for how to successfully plan and execute transformational change for the better.

On Tuesday, December 10, Oklahoma City voters will have the opportunity to ensure our city’s continued transformation with new projects that touch the entire city.

Like the MAPS programs that came before, these projects work together to make Oklahoma City a better place to live. Continued investment and development is vital to Oklahoma City’s future.The estimated $978 million package will bring jobs. This steady stream of construction projects over the life of the MAPS 4 program will keep our architects, engineers, contractors and trades busy regardless of the ebbs and flows of the economy.

The transformation of the Innovation District will support the growth of jobs, not just in the district, but across the city. Creating a strong innovation infrastructure and entrepreneurial ecosystem will help Oklahoma City further diversify its economy, protect its residents from economic stress and secure an additional tax base.

MAPS 4 also focuses on vulnerable populations and difficult social issues that have compounding social and economic effects. Earlier interventions for domestic violence, substance abuse and addiction, homelessness, affordable housing, mental health, criminal justice and youth services will reduce emergency situations and trauma experienced by our citizens.

Oklahoma City’s future is in our hands. I’ll be voting “yes” on Dec. 10 and I hope you will, too.


This article originally appeared in the November 2019 issue of The POINT!

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