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Safer Streets, Better City update

By David McCollum / Inside OKC / December 2, 2019

The Better Streets, Safer City initiative was approved by voters a little more than two years ago. It provides improvements to city streets, sidewalks and trails through bonds and a temporary penny sales tax.

"We're putting an unprecedented amount of total dollars, $800 million into street repairs. That's the cost of MAPS3,” said Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt at the time.

Holt said it is the largest street repair initiative in Oklahoma City's history.

While the majority of the projects funded by the initiative pertain to street repairs or improvements, there are also projects for bike lanes, sidewalks and trails. There are 235 approved projects in all, with $216.05 million in sales tax collections appropriated for those planned improvements. There remains $23.95 million in sales tax funds available for other projects.

The $967 million general obligation bond package uses property tax revenue to fund basic infrastructure needs. The package will succeed the $835.5 million program approved in 2007, which is almost complete.

"Plenty of funding going toward streets, plenty of funding going toward the car culture of Oklahoma City, but now for the first time over the last 10 years we also have significant funding going to a more walkable city," Holt said.

The projects are:

If there's a street you would like to see repaired, contact your city councilor about using some of that fund. The Better Streets, Safer City temporary sales tax expires April 1, 2020.


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