OKC VeloCity | Support the MAPS projects; vote “Yes” on Dec. 10

Support the MAPS projects; vote “Yes” on Dec. 10

By Chamber Staff / Inside OKC / November 11, 2019

In little more than a month, Oklahoma City residents will go to the polls to vote on the latest MAPS iteration, a package of 16 projects that are the right combination of what the city needs to keep moving forward.

“Previous MAPS programs have been called some of the most successful and innovative tools ever developed by a city,” said Percy Kirk, Chamber chair and co-chair of the Love Your OKC coalition. “We have seen MAPS strengthen Oklahoma City and create an environment of growth. MAPS 4 will keep the momentum going and extend the scope of community enhancements and capital projects.”

The Love Your OKC coalition is working tirelessly to educate voters on the value of approving the 1-cent tax that will make these transformational projects possible.

“We have an outstanding speakers bureau, comprised of some of Oklahoma City’s most-informed civic leaders,” said Kirk. “They are available to visit organizations across OKC in order to accurately inform voters about the importance of turning out and voting to approve the MAPS 4 package.”

The coalition also has posters, bumper stickers and signs available for campaign volunteers and supporters.

With much to love about Oklahoma City and MAPS 4, your involvement can help pass this initiative.

  • Register to Vote - if you aren’t registered, the deadline is Nov. 15. And make sure your friends and co-workers are registered as well.
  • Join the coalition! Individuals, companies and organizations can all join just by signing up online. Visit www.loveyourokc.com
  • Follow the coalition on social media: Facebook - LoveYourOKC; Twitter - @yesformaps; and Instagram -@LoveYourOKC. Share our posts on your page and accounts.
  • Donate! Help get the word out and get people out to vote. Go to www.loveyourokc.com/donate.

Many Oklahoma City residents already understand the importance of the upcoming election.

“It’s the whole project that makes MAPS work,” said Oklahoma City resident David Barbee. “Where I live, there is no homeless problem, I don’t have animals, I don’t know of any domestic abuse problems among my family and friends, and I typically never go to the east side of town, and I’m not a senior citizen. So should I just say no to everything because it doesn’t affect or benefit me personally? That’s the whole point of an all-encompassing project. Everyone wins something and we just need to not be selfish enough to derail the whole thing because it might contain one or two things that we don’t like.”

“Palomar and the stadium are perfect examples of why we need a single vote for MAPS,” said Stacy Carr of northwest OKC. “They are completely different, one makes incredible change in people’s lives while the other has great economic impact capabilities that allow us to fund such things.”

Join with these - and many other OKC residents – and help work to get out the vote and ensure that Oklahoma City continues to ride the wave of positive momentum generated as a result of previous MAPS initiatives.

Vote “YES” on Dec. 10 and show your love for OKC!

This article originally appeared in the November 2019 issue of The POINT!

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