OKC VeloCity | Ten benefits to subscribing to the VeloCityOKC emails

Ten benefits to subscribing to the VeloCityOKC emails

By Kennedy Parker / Inside OKC / November 9, 2018

Perhaps we, the marketing team at the Chamber, are a bit biased when we say that we think VeloCity is the best way to keep yourself informed of all the goings-on of OKC. By extension, we believe subscribing to the emails is the best way to fully reap the benefits of VeloCity. But we wouldn’t dare make a claim so bold without reasoning to back it up, so of the many reasons we think one should subscribe to the VeloCity emails, here’s our top ten (in no particular order). If you happen to find yourself convinced, you can subscribe to our email list here.


Keep yourself up-to-date with all things OKC

Above all, the driving force behind VeloCity is helping to keep citizens up-to-date on all the things going on in Oklahoma City. Whether you’re interested in the economy, events, politics, art and culture, history or even trivia and fun facts about Oklahoma City, VeloCity is here to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. By subscribing to the emails, it’s like you’re reminding yourself to see what’s going on around OKC even if you forgot to check the site.


These emails are weekly, so they won’t clutter your inbox

We’ve all been there: you signed up for an email marketing list for some brand you like under the guise of coupons, exclusives or something like that. You signed up for it and before you knew it your inbox was getting loaded with daily (or worse—hourly) emails that just become too much of a hassle. Luckily, the VeloCity emails are different. They’re sent out every Monday and that one, weekly email is all you’ll get from VeloCity.


We find the biggest stories so you don’t have to

With so much happening at once in our beloved city, it can sometimes be hard to tell which news stories are truly the most important or impactful. After all, not just anything makes it to the emails. Nothing but the best and most relevant for our subscribers.


Keep up-to-date with Chamber events

We’re very aware that the Chamber hosts a number of important events. If you’re a Chamber member (or even a non-member just trying to keep up-to-date on our events that are open to non-members) we get it—you’re busy, you don’t always have the time or energy to keep tabs on what events happen when and whether or not it seems like something you should attend. But the VeloCity emails make it easy for you by highlighting the major events.


They’re like little time capsules

We all get a little nostalgic sometimes (and surely, we all scroll back long lengths of time in our email inboxes for no specific reason from time to time, too). What better way to make things easier for your future, nostalgic self than keeping these week-sized pockets of time in OKC in your inbox? Imagine looking back at them in 2020 and reflecting on the progress of projects like Scissortail Park and the convention center. Help your future-self remember what being in OKC in 2018 was like.


If you’re ever at a networking event and need some topics to talk about, the ones in our emails are perfect

For the entrepreneur who wants to network more but doesn’t feel as armed with professional discussion topics as they’d like to be, what better topics than the ones you see in our emails? They’re about OKC, and presumably you’ll be networking with other OKC entrepreneurs. Even if they’re not from OKC, you can use our headlines as talking points to demonstrate how great OKC is for business. Talking about the headlines you see in our emails won’t just make you sound more informed, but (if they’re in OKC) will also help emphasize the common ground between you and whoever you’re networking with. I can already hear you talking with the CEO of that business you admire, “What do you think about the Chamber’s new health plan for small businesses?” “What’s on your MAPS 4 wish list?” “Did you see the pictures from the ribbon cutting at the new Kratos facility in OKC? The aerospace industry here sure is booming. Does your business ever get involved in it?”


It makes for good reading material

Sometimes lunch breaks or commutes are long and there’s just nothing interesting on social media—bet you wish you had some convenient reading material, huh? This email is a streamlined way of finding the best reading material to help get you through the day.



It helps us help you (we know that sounds cliché, but really—it tells us what kind of stories you like most and by extension, tells us to make more like that)

If I may be perfectly candid with you, we check our analytics for these emails frequently. We check how often they even get opened, what stories get clicked on, we’ve even been experimental about the times we send them. When we see certain kinds of stories generally getting more clicks, we know that more people want to see stories like that in the email. On the flipside, if we notice certain kinds of stories getting few or no clicks, we know that, well, you’re simply not interested and we know we can get rid of them in favor of making room for stories you may like better. We’re making these emails for you!


Social media algorithms can be tricky, this really is the best way to ensure you’re seeing our best content

It’s basically common knowledge at this point that social media algorithms are pretty biased; they don’t always show you what you want to see or all the posts by people (or chambers of commerce) that you follow. No matter how much we may post a link on social media, there’s still a chance that you might miss it. We don’t want you to have to worry about not seeing the content you’re interested in just because of an algorithm that’s totally out of our control.


They’ll help you feel prouder of the achievements of your city

It’s almost as though there simply aren’t enough people informed about all the incredible things happening in OKC. How odd. The more informed about OKC you are, the easier (and more fun!) it will be to brag to all your friends from outside the city of how great OKC is. Not to mention, you’ll get to see their reactions when you tell them about all the amazing innovations happening here (imagine! The look on the faces of your loved ones who are less informed about OKC when you tell them, say, that the Stephenson Cancer Center just published an ovarian cancer study with “findings considered unprecedented in the field of gynecological cancer”). Perhaps consider forwarding the email or links to specific stories to your friends, family and business associates from out of market – a subscription to the email makes it easy to brag about OKC.


Do you have any other reasons why you love being subscribed to the VeloCity emails? Which of these reasons have been the most useful for you? Let us know via social media! As a reminder, you can subscribe to the VeloCity email list here.

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