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The benefits of becoming a Chamber member

By Kennedy Parker / Inside OKC / January 4, 2019

So you want to be a successful entrepreneur. You want to run your business in the absolute best way you can, you want your employees to feel the utmost pride in where and how they work, you want your community to think of your business as a pivotal part of what makes it great, you want your business to actively contribute to the betterment of your city, you want to be shaking hands and passing business cards with your fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders--in fact, the more ambitious among you might even want to become those business leaders yourself! If any of those statements are true for you--even one--then a membership at the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber could be a vital tool for you.

“The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is one of the largest chambers of commerce in the country. Our member companies range in size from small businesses to major employers, and everything in between,” said Chamber Vice President of Membership Sunny Cearley. “We strive to create membership levels that serve the needs of businesses of all types.”

When you become a Chamber member, you’re benefiting yourself, your business and its employees and ultimately you’re benefiting OKC as a whole. You may be thinking that this is a pretty bold claim—how could a Chamber membership possibly have benefits on such a scale? Let us explain:

How you benefit yourself:

The first and most obvious beneficiary of your Chamber membership is, well, you. By having a Chamber membership, you’ve opened the door to thousands of possibilities! There are several Chamber events like Member Orientation, Chamber Forums, State Of the Economy, State of the Aerospace Defense Industry and the Annual Meeting where you can network with some of OKC's most influential business leaders while learning about what's going on in OKC from some of the best of the best. OKC's entrepreneurial giants, educational leaders and your fellow business owners are only some of the many kinds of speakers and attendees you can typically find at Chamber events. Could you imagine the opportunity to pick their brain? To perhaps put your business on their radar? A Chamber membership makes that all possible.

How you help your business and employees:

Your business and its employees will be thanking you when you bring them the gift of a Chamber membership. First and foremost, your business has a newfound potential for a lot more visibility through exclusive advertising opportunities in Chamber publications (which are largely read by your fellow members) or hosting networking events like our Sunset Reception. Speaking of events, does your business have summer interns? Members can send their interns to attend InternOKC—an annual Chamber event that helps interns learn more about themselves, their career goals, how to network, the benefits of working in OKC and more. Being a member also makes you eligible for having the Chamber host ground breaking or grand opening events (with a ribbon and everything!) if you open a new business or new location for your business. But what the Chamber is perhaps the most proud of recently is its new Greater Choice Oklahoma health care program for small businesses. This program offers quality benefits and ease of purchasing, bringing more innovation and more choice to the market and is available to members with two to 50 employees.

“It’s important to the Chamber to continue to find ways to serve the needs of small businesses,” said Cearley. “The Greater Choice Oklahoma health insurance program is one important way we’re doing that.” And speaking of small businesses, in addition to the Business University newsletter, members on an Associate level or higher gain access to the Chamber’s new Business University online learning tool, a website designed to connect small businesses with ongoing professional development and skill building.

“The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is one of the largest chambers of commerce in the country. Our member companies range in size from small businesses to major employers, and everything in between.” 

How you benefit OKC as a whole:

“There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber, but the most important reason to join is to support the work that we do to grow our economy,” said Cearley. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is unique in that we play a large role in the economic growth of Oklahoma City. We combine the work of an economic development organization with a convention and visitors bureau, public policy advocacy, retail and community development, education initiatives, events, membership services and the traditional business networks of a Chamber. Our goal and primary mission is to be the voice of business and the visionary organization of Oklahoma City. When you get a Chamber membership, you're effectively investing in the betterment of OKC.

There are several levels of membership ranging from a core membership ($500) to an executive partner ($40,000 and up). Learn more about specific benefits for each member level or contact a member of the Chamber’s membership team to start investing in yourself–and in Oklahoma City’s future.


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