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Time to start dreaming

By Roy Williams / Inside OKC / November 15, 2018

The modern era of Oklahoma City has been defined by one thing: the community’s willingness to invest in itself. One particular way that we have responsibly done that is through the Metropolitan Area Projects. You’ve seen the power that 1 cent had on Oklahoma City. We’ve increased our quality of life through projects that benefit every resident, but it wasn’t just the quality of the projects or the fact that they were all completed debt-free that made MAPS successful.

MAPS is also successful because of the input and inclusivity involved in each iteration. Through public input sessions, resident surveys and citizen oversight committees, each MAPS project has been chosen with care and properly vetted from design to completion. 

Our community now has the opportunity to envision what a better Oklahoma City looks like and what steps we can take to get there with a potential MAPS 4 program. What quality-of-life projects and initiatives are needed to truly take Oklahoma City to the next level? No one has quite the same perspective on Oklahoma City as you do, and that diversity in thought is what will propel our next era to even greater levels of success. Be sure to submit your ideas at ideas4maps.com, and dream today like Oklahoma City’s continued momentum depends on it––because it does.


Roy H. Williams, CCE
Chamber CEO & President

This article originally appeared in the November 2018 issue of The POINT!

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