OKC VeloCity | 18 new restaurants opening, but only taking up two buildings

18 new restaurants opening, but only taking up two buildings

By Kennedy Parker / Lifestyle / August 27, 2019

The good news is that OKC is a great city to be a foodie in because we have no shortage of fantastic eats throughout the metro. The bad news is that being one of the largest cities in the nation in terms of square mileage, sometimes the places you want to eat at can be far off from each other, and hunger definitely isn’t patient. That’s where OKC’s new food halls will be helpful. You can think of these like upscale food courts, if that helps.

The Collective, 308 NW 10th St., has 11 kitchens, with food options ranging from coffee and doughnuts to beer and barbecue, and plenty of options in between. The venue offers valet parking, and it’s right next to the OKC Streetcar line, so hop on board from downtown to get there easily.

Parlor OKC, 11 NE Sixth St., has seven kitchens and two bars, including a rooftop patio. It’s in the historic building that once housed the equipment for the Pioneer Telephone Company. There are offices next door if you want to work within walking distance of the delicious food. The Parlor opens Sept. 6 to the public.

Suddenly, a wide variety of local treats are all just in two spots.

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