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Lifestyle / November 24, 2020

Visit Yukon for lights and much more

For the past few weeks, we here at The Better Life headquarters have shared with you all the things to see in nearby cities. The series concludes this week with a holiday twist.

By Molly Fleming
Lifestyle / November 17, 2020

Create a calorie well to throw down all that turkey

Even during a pandemic, you face no dearth of opportunities to engage in a “Turkey Trot” race, aka some type of fun, easy road race generally run on Thanksgiving morning where many participants may don even goofier attire than the standard, plenty-goofy-by-itself running gear.

By Nate Fisher
VeloCity profile / August 28, 2020
Dirk Spiers
Founder & President,
Spiers New Technologies
The OKC Chamber has been absolutely terrific for us; very, very helpful and always on our side. I’m grateful for that.