OKC VeloCity | A Metropolitan Library System card gets you more than a book

A Metropolitan Library System card gets you more than a book

By Kennedy Parker / Lifestyle / October 8, 2019

What better place to celebrate National Book Month than the library. And to be more specific, celebrating with OKC’s Metropolitan Library System. Between a fantastic collection of books and an equally fantastic calendar of events, you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for there—and your library card gives you access to all of it!

With 19 locations across the county and an online virtual library accessible 24/7, users can check out books, download eBooks and magazines, research genealogy and even learn computer skills from almost anywhere.

Here are just a handful of things that are available with a library account:

  • eBooks & eAudiobooks
    Check out eBooks and eAudiobooks from your computer or mobile device on Hoopla, OverDrive or Libby. What makes Hoopla unique? Hoopla allows users to checkout materials with no waits or holds, so your materials are available immediately no matter how popular they are.
  • Music
    Jam out with your Library account! Popular CDs can be checked out from any branch and users can access the latest popular albums and listen to them from the Hoopla app.
  • Movies
    You read that right. You can stream movies with your library account! Find the latest films and documentaries on Hoopla or Kanopy with your library account. Choose from a variety of genres including mainstream cinema titles, documentaries, kids movies, workout videos and more.
  • Classes & Events
    Of course, all libraries have story times and book clubs, but now they have classes and events that engage and entertain both the young and the old. Classes like art workshops, tech training, robotic coding, escape rooms and even Tai Chi and Yoga.
  • Online Resources
    Whether you’re studying a topic for class, conducting independent research or just looking to answer a simple research question, there’s an online resource for you! Buying a new car? Access the latest crash test ratings and more on Consumer Reports with your library account. Writing a report on Winston Churchill? Try one of the many EBSCO databases to simplify your research.  Have a teenager who needs some help with school? Try the new Brainfuse service for live homework help.

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