OKC VeloCity | A quick new State Fair attractions guide

A quick new State Fair attractions guide

By Kennedy Parker / Lifestyle / September 18, 2019

Perhaps the most underrated part of the Oklahoma State Fair is that every year has a healthy blend of maintaining traditions, while also bringing in plenty of new things; while you remember how much fun you had doing things you see younger attendees doing now, you can enjoy food from a brand new vendor—or perhaps attend a brand new event all together. The only downside is that sometimes it may seem that there is so much new content to enjoy that it can be a little daunting trying to figure out where you should begin. Here’s a quick rundown of all the new attractions you can find at the Oklahoma State Fair.


There are 16 new food vendors at the Oklahoma State Fair this year, and a full list of them can be found on the State Fair’s website. These new vendors have specialties that range from pies to waffles to coffee and more. A few stand-out menu items we’re seeing from these new vendors include (but definitely aren’t limited to) the S’more On-A-Stick from A Latte Love, the Hot Cheeto Pickle Dog (a pickle on-a-stick coated in hot Cheetos and then deep fried) from Denmore Delights, the Fry Bread Burger (a half-pound burger with funnel cakes for buns) from Porky’s and Deep-Fried Coke from JP’s Food Truck.


Although you’re sure to catch new additions to your returning favorites like the petting zoo and the Oklahoma Student Art exhibits, the featured newcomers are the Renaissance Village and Masking Tape Madness. The Renaissance Village is exactly what it sounds like: a bite-sized Renaissance Faire. And just so we’re clear, it’s meant to be a big bite—after all, have you seen the size of their turkey legs?  You can see jousting, dancing, jesters, archery, live music and more. As for Masking Tape Madness, this is an immersive mural made by the Camp Contemporary campers over the summer. It took more than 30 rolls of black tape to make it!

Special Events

For the first time ever, the Oklahoma State Fair will be hosting a golf tournament for adults (ages 14+) and juniors (ages 6-13). And of course, in the spirit of the State Fair, there will be prizes—and they’re valued at over $275. You can learn more about the tournament (including how to sign up) on the Fair’s website.

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