OKC VeloCity | Book Bingo at the Metropolitan Library

Book Bingo at the Metropolitan Library

By Chamber Staff / Lifestyle / January 13, 2020

Do any of your new year’s resolutions have anything to do with reading more? Or perhaps, are you just an avid reader regardless? Either way, good news! OKC’s Metropolitan Library System is hosting a Book Bingo winter reading challenge from now through February 29. The Bingo Sheet can be found here.

The goal is to, well, get a bingo. If you get one, you can submit your bingo sheet to be entered into a drawing for an eReader, tablet, or prize pack. The full details can be found alongside the bingo sheet. Alternatively, you can also log five books read online from now through the end of February if you’re bingo averse.

p.s. We couldn’t help but notice that one of the bingo spaces is “set in Oklahoma.” Although not all their books are set in Oklahoma, there is a list of a well-known authors from Oklahoma City on TheBetterLife blog. Looking through their body of work could be a great place to start!

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