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Catch a star

By Chamber Staff / Lifestyle / January 29, 2019

Music is a big part of our region’s history, identity and culture. Stretching all the way back to Woody Guthrie singing about the depression, Oklahoma has a strong tradition of producing influential musicians across a variety of musical styles.

Specifically, here in OKC the talent is just as diverse. From Grammy-winning rockers to country superstars and early jazz pioneers, check out a list of some of the famous musicians who have or still call Oklahoma City home: Oklahoma City Blue Devils, Color Me Badd, Mason Williams, Hinder, Garth Brooks and Neal Schon. Also check out these bios for a little reminder of why Wanda Jackson Way, Charlie Christian Boulevard, Vince Gill Avenue and Flaming Lips Alley are named as such.

This content originally appeared on The Better Life blog.

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