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By Jayce Hudiburg / Lifestyle / August 21, 2018

In November 2001, the MAPS for Kids program was established when Oklahoma City voters approved a new tax to fund public schools. The seven year temporary sales tax, combined with a $180 million bond issue, raised $700 million to fund transportation, technology and construction projects for the benefit of Oklahoma City’s public school students.

With many of the larger construction projects complete, work continues at some schools throughout Oklahoma City. When the program comes to a close, more than 70 new and renovated schools totaling $470 million in construction will be completed.

MAPS for Kids also provided funding for 23 suburban school districts that serve Oklahoma City resident students. When the program ends, nearly $153 million in city sales tax will have been expended for over 400 projects in these 23 suburban school districts.

Like other MAPS projects, MAPS for Kids has played a fundamental part in improving the daily lives of Oklahoma City residents. By investing in Oklahoma City student’s schools and programs, MAPS for Kids has also invested in the future of Oklahoma City.

This content originally appeared on The Better Life blog.

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