OKC VeloCity | Experience the power of pop (art, that is)

Experience the power of pop (art, that is)

By Nate Fisher / Lifestyle / September 8, 2020

The OKC Museum of Art’s “POP Power from Warhol to Koons: Masterworks from the Collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation” exhibition opened to the public earlier this summer and – like many a summer exhibition at the OKCMOA – the word on the street is that it’s fantastic. If you don’t consider yourself a “museum person,” or perhaps find yourself often trapped between the classic and the contemporary, battling with real or imagined friends on the pros and cons/benefits and detriments due to each, there’s a third alternative. Reflective of contemporary popular culture and embracing a variety of media – but typically not as impenetrable or off-putting as modern art can sometimes be – pop art is often fun, whimsical and accessible (those are three good things, and perhaps just what you need to lift your spirits in the midst of a pandemic). This particular collection showcases some powerhouses of the genre in terms of both artists and their subjects.

“The Collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation is well-known as one of the most comprehensive Pop Art collections in the world,” said Dr. Michael Anderson, Interim President and CEO in a statement on the OKCMOA’s website describing the exhibition. “From Campbell’s Soup to Mickey Mouse, and from comic strips to balloon dogs, POP Power celebrates a timeless movement that revels in the new and the now, the celebrity, and the commodity and art made accessible to the masses. This exhibition provides a fun, irreverent look at the low-brow, high art of our popular culture.”

Works by Warhol, Lichtenstein, Oldenburg, Haring, Rosenquist, Koons and more are represented among the more than 100 pieces and sculptures. If you’re worried about social distancing and such, the museum has you covered with timed entry to the exhibition to keep crowds in check as well as a facility-wide mask requirement. The exhibition runs through September 13, so don’t wait too long to get your Warhol on!

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