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Food City - OKCís Foodie Transformation

By Chamber Staff / Lifestyle / December 10, 2018

OKC’s renaissance has been fertile turf for ambition. One result is redefining the restaurant arena. Oklahoma City isn’t a fly-over city — it's a food destination. A vibrant food culture has blossomed. Farmers markets are flourishing, and a flotilla of food trucks roams the city. Local food producers are attuned to diner appetites. The calendar is full of festive, food-centered events. And there are more new restaurants than any one urban human can keep up with. It’s perfect.

In an attempt to share some of the excitement around food options in Oklahoma City, the Chamber has a new story feature at www.greateroklahomacity.com/foodcity. The story takes a look at different dining options in Oklahoma City’s districts. With a format intended to be easily shared with clients, coworkers and friends, the storytelling section of the Chamber’s economic development website combats the disconnect between Oklahoma City’s impressive growth and outdated perceptions about Oklahoma City’s culture. “Food City” demonstrates how Oklahoma City’s pioneering spirit shows up in the wide range of cuisine options available in OKC. From old favorites like Cattlemen's and Cheever's to new award winners like Nonesuch, the feature walks the reader through how the ever evolving food scene in Oklahoma City has made the region destination for food.

Each chapter of the story offers the chance to engage with more contextual content, with links to interviews with some of Oklahoma City’s tastiest restaurants, most creative chefs and more. The story is also easy to share with friends, co-workers and contacts outside of the Oklahoma City area.

Read the feature at www.greateroklahomacity.com/foodcity.

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