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Garage sale guidelines

By Laura Nance / Lifestyle / January 12, 2021

Did a little new year cleaning and purging create piles of things to get rid of? If you’re thinking about raising the garage door and having a sale, check out what you need to do before putting out your sign.

  • Each household in Oklahoma City can have two garage sales a year with the proper permit. A single permit is good for three consecutive days and the sale must be held between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the address listed on the permit.
  • Garage sale signs and other service signs are not allowed on utility poles, traffic sign poles, medians or any public right-of-way. Signs can be placed in front of the house but can’t be larger than 12 square feet.
  • Personal property can be sold, but not motor vehicles. In addition, no new merchandise or consignment items.
  • The maximum fine for conducting a sale without a license is $200 plus costs.

Permits can be purchased online using a credit card or you can call the License Division at (405) 297-2606 for a paperless permit.

This article originally appeared on The Better Life blog.


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