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Get in the game with OKC Parks and the YMCA

By Molly Fleming / Lifestyle / February 4, 2020

The Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department offers sports for all ages around the year. Whether you’re into ball-bat sports or something on a court, the city can help you connect with your favorite pastime or help you get your child on a team.

The city staff coordinates adult teams in baseball, basketball and slow-pitch softball. For young people, there are teams for co-ed baseball, basketball, futsal and soccer. No matter what the sport, each player will gain a better understanding of what it means to be an athlete.

In between seasons, players can find skills camps and tournaments throughout the year. At OKC.gov, you can learn more about the teams, the seasons and how to get involved.

If you’re wanting to introduce your kiddo to golf, volleyball, swimming, tennis or even track & field, the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City has plenty of sports to offer. Being on the teams do not require a membership, though there is a discount offered for members. The YMCA also has summer camps and after-school activities for young people.

For adults, the YMCA offers basketball and volleyball, as well as Livestrong, a program to help cancer survivors get back into physical activity. Livestrong is offered at many locations in the Greater Oklahoma City metro.

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