OKC VeloCity | GOTV for presidential primaries, local questions

GOTV for presidential primaries, local questions

By Kaylee McDaniel / Lifestyle / February 25, 2020

On Tuesday, March 3, registered voters will have the opportunity to make their voices heard during an important election day. In addition to the presidential primary elections, residents of Oklahoma County and Cleveland County (Norman area) will be able to decide whether to allow liquor stores to be open on Sundays. Oklahoma City residents will also have the chance to vote in an initiative petition election to consider a permanent 1/8-cent sales tax for parks.

The city of Oklahoma City website has more information about the sales tax for parks. The proposal was put on the ballot by residents gathering the required amount of signatures. Find out more by visiting https://www.okc.gov/residents/parks-sales-tax-initiative.

Oklahoma County residents will join six other counties in deciding if liquor stores in the respective counties can be open for business on Sunday. The vote follows several years of alcohol changes, starting in 2016 when residents first approved a statewide change in the laws. Those changes that took effect on Oct. 1, 2018 (Cheers!) did not include liquor stores being open on Sundays. During the 2019 legislative session, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill into law that made Sunday liquor-store hours as a vote that has to be initiated by county governments.

If you don’t know whether you live in Oklahoma City, follow this handy link from the city’s website to find out more. You can also search your address on the county’s website to see if you live in Oklahoma County. If your address doesn’t work on the county site, you likely won’t get to vote in the county-wide election, but OKC residents in other counties can still make a decision on the permanent parks sales tax.

While we are one week out from the election, it’s not too late to request to vote by absentee ballot. Use the OK Voter Portal to make the request by tomorrow, Feb. 26, in order to vote absentee. You can also use the voter portal to confirm your registration, view your polling location and see a sample ballot.

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