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Happy National Beer Day

By Nate Fisher / Lifestyle / April 5, 2019

Yes, it's National Beer Day! Throughout history, beer has been used as medicine, to pay taxes and even for nutrition, among other things (even though that rumor you heard that people in the middle ages drank beer instead of water all the time just isn't true). And Oklahomies seem to be enjoying more beer these days. According to the American Community Survey folks at the Census Bureau, the number of breweries in Oklahoma increased 275% from 2012 to 2016. In honor of the "oldest recorded recipe in the world" and everyone's favorite fermentable, we thought we'd take the opportunity to recommend a few Chamber members that know how to make and proffer the good stuff.

  • Anthem Brewing Company - 908 Southwest 4th St. - Anthem makes four popular core beers and always has a few tasty, interesting one-offs in their taproom. They also host live music and food trucks and other events frequently, so check out their schedule and hit 'em up!
  • Belle Isle Restaurant & Brewing Co. - 1900 Northwest Expressway - This popular spot inside 50 Penn Place produces a variety of styles including well-regarded wheats, hefeweizens, amber ales, raspberry wheats, oatmeal stouts and more in addition to burgers, pizza, sandwiches, brats, Mexican food and more. Trivia, bingo and live music are staples on their calendar as well.
  • Bricktown Brewery - 1 North Oklahoma Ave. - with the "home" location in Bricktown and other satellite spots all over the region, Bricktown Brewery sports six core brews, among them "Wiley's One-Eyed Wheat" celebrating the famous aviator and Oklahoman, "Old King Kolsch," "Single-String Stout" and (the author's personal favorite... don't judge) "Blues Berry Ale." Bricktown Brewery also has a number of new mouthwatering menu additions that are prime for checking out whilst imbibing some brew.
  • COOP Ale Works - 4745 Council Heights Rd. - COOP is perhaps most famous for its F5 IPA and DNR strong ale, but the Saturday Siren and Horny Toad are popular (and tasty!) as well. Like Anthem, COOP also releases a number of "specialties" / one-offs in their taproom as well as brewery tours, games, an outdoor area and more. COOP is also moving to 23rd Street soon and expanding operations as part of their redevelopment of the 23rd Street Armory, which VeloCityOKC staffers are excited about.

Of course, besides the members that make their own, there are plenty of other member bars and restaurants where you can sample a brew or two or three on National Beer Day. Wherever you choose to celebrate, thanks for enjoying responsibly. We'll see you at the breweries!


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