OKC VeloCity | Less than one month until YES on MAPS

Less than one month until YES on MAPS

By Molly Fleming / Lifestyle / November 12, 2019

If you saw Kings of Leon for free at Scissortail Park’s grand opening or you’ve taken a ride down the Bricktown Canal, then you’ve experienced at least two MAPS projects. The canal was part of the original Metropolitan Area Projects, approved in 1993. There have been three renditions of publicly-backed work, with the fourth version going to voters on Dec. 10.

The 16-project MAPS 4 list is mix of items will address human and neighborhood needs as well, as economic and job-creating initiatives that will ultimately help all Oklahoma City residents. The list includes quality-of-life projects as well.

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber President and CEO Roy Williams said the package of projects is the right combination of what the city needs to keep moving forward.

“When Mayor David Holt asked the residents to dream big, they certainly did. Now we have a package of incredible projects that will improve the lives of everyone in this city and ultimately the region,” he said.

There’s a lot to learn about what MAPS has done for our city. In fact, people have loved what MAPS has done so much that they’ve created a coalition, Love Your OKC, to help others learn more about the projects.

Many Oklahoma City residents already understand the importance of the upcoming election.

“It’s the whole project that makes MAPS work,” said Oklahoma City resident David Barbee. “Where I live, there is no homeless problem, I don’t have animals, I don’t know of any domestic abuse problems among my family and friends, and I typically never go to the east side of town, and I’m not a senior citizen. So should I just say no to everything because it doesn’t affect or benefit me personally? That’s the whole point of an all-encompassing project. Everyone wins something and we just need to not be selfish enough to derail the whole thing because it might contain one or two things that we don’t like.”

You can hear from the “Father of MAPS” former Mayor Ron Norick about what started the initiative in the first place. And be sure to check out what Mayor David Holt thinks MAPS 4 will be able to do for the city.

Learn more about MAPS 4 at www.loveyourokc.com and make plans to vote YES on December 10.

This content originally appeared on The Better Life blog.

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