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By Kaylee Terracina / Lifestyle / June 11, 2019

We talk a lot about Oklahoma City’s history here at Better Life HQ, so it should come as no surprise that Oklahoma City’s housing has plenty of historic charm. Tree-lined streets, peaceful front-porches and beautiful architecture all abound within close proximity to downtown and to several of Oklahoma City’s most popular districts. No matter your price point, Oklahoma City has a historic district for you. Read on for a small sample of neighborhoods where you can live in the past:

Crown Heights
Crown Heights is an attractive Historic Preservation District consisting of homes dating from the ‘30s. Today, the mix of Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, Mission-Spanish, Monterey, French Eclectic, Minimal Traditional and Art Deco styles combine with characteristic landscaping and a trendy location (bordering Western Avenue shopping and dining, near Asian District, midtown, downtown) to create one of Oklahoma City's premier historic neighborhoods.

Edgemere Park
One of the first “planned unit developments” west of the Mississippi, Edgemere Park was developed starting in 1926 and consists of Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival and Spanish Eclectic-style homes surrounding a park and creek bed.

Mesta Park/Heritage Hills
With development starting just after the turn of the century, these neighborhoods feature a wealth of local history and intrigue, with the Overholser Mansion (Heritage Hills), one of the finest house museums in the world, and home of the legendary Perle Mesta (Mesta Park) joining the former Georgian "Oil Mansions," Prairie School / Foursquare, and Craftsman-style homes typical of the area.

Jefferson Park
The bungalow neighborhood of Jefferson Park is located two miles north of downtown and a mile west of the State Capitol. Neighbored by some of Oklahoma City’s other historic neighborhoods, Jefferson Park is filled with smaller bungalows that are big on historic charm.

Historic Capitol Hill
Historic Capitol Hill is located just south of downtown Oklahoma City and was once slated to be the location of the capitol of Oklahoma – thus giving it the source of its name. Years ago, the district was a thriving commercial area and since the creation of Capitol Hill Main Street in 1997, it has experienced a rebirth.

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