OKC VeloCity | Looking for a video?

Looking for a video?

By Marcus Elwell / Lifestyle / January 22, 2019

Sometimes selling someone who has never been to Oklahoma City about how great of a community we have can be tough. How do you describe the funkiness of the Plaza, the thrill of the Thunder or the serenity of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum? Sometimes the right words are just hard to find.

The good news is we have a ton of video that can help you show off your hometown to any curious friend or family member. Just visit the Chamber’s YouTube channel for more. Need something in-depth that shows off all the aspects of living in OKC? Check out our relocation video. Want to know what it is like to move to OKC? Check out our Oklahoma City testimonials. Want to show off the restaurant scene in the metro? Yeah, we’ve got a video for that. We could do this all day so just visit the site to see more.

This content originally appeared on The Better Life blog.

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