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Mask Up, OKC!

By Kaylee McDaniel / Lifestyle / September 1, 2020

We’ve already talked about the importance of wearing a mask while out and about. The good news is that our community is making progress against the spread of COVID-19. It’s been more than a month since Oklahoma City introduced a mask mandate and in that time, Oklahoma County has seen its seven-day averages for daily infections fall from 213 cases in mid-July to 136 daily positive reports by mid-August.

But now’s not the time to give up! To encourage the community to continue following public health guidelines regarding mask wearing during the coronavirus pandemic, the City of OKC, Oklahoma City-County Health Department and the Chamber have launched a new campaign called MASK UP OKC - it’s for you, it’s for me, it’s for OKC.

Help us get the word out about this campaign by sharing the video or one of these social media graphics on your social media pages. You can learn more about the effort at maskupokc.com.

This content originally appeared on The Better Life blog.

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