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National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

By Kennedy Parker / Lifestyle / July 3, 2018

Just the word “Oklahoma” will generally evoke one of two (maybe both?) images:


The Wild West

And although we love the Thunder, today we’re here to talk about the latter: The Wild West. With the exception of Thunder, Oklahoma’s known for, above all else, its rich Wild Western history. This incredible history is preserved for all to see in OKC’s National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.

Featuring galleries full of Native American and Western attire, firearms, artifacts and even movie props, it’s easy to see why the Cowboy Museum is considered to be one of OKC’s most unique (and quintessentially Oklahoman) attractions. Visitors flock to the museum from all corners of the country looking for their dream Wild Western learning experience and who can blame them? It’s only the most extensive collection of Western art, history and memorabilia (more than 28,000 pieces!) in the world.

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